Broken into Something Amazing by Sandra Wells

Ink on Pastel paper – Words: Joel 2:25

I was sitting in my friend, Cecil’s house, the first time I read this scripture written in a card given to me by another dear friend. It’s one of those really tiny moments that ended up etching itself into the rest of my life.  

The first decades of my life were a long string of volatile instability. Those early decades morphed into a young adulthood filled with drama and bad decisions. At the moment I opened the card, the drama had peaked and I now had a hoard of people very angry at me, with a small group of supporters trying to assist me and help me navigate my way through.

In that moment, all I wanted was to be a normal person that knew how to make healthy decisions. I wanted to be like the people I saw every day, who had long-time friends, who had stable places to live and who had jobs they showed up to every day. Now, 20 years later, although my life looks pretty standard from the outside, it’s the kind of life that used to seem like some distant fantasy to me when I was sitting at Cecil’s house.

I feel in some ways life has come full circle. I am in a place where I cannot clearly see the future and many things don’t make sense to me right now. So, I am reflecting on those earlier times in my life because I need to remember that this too is only a season. I need to remember that I don’t need to clearly see the path to get to where I want to go. I need to remember that God still has plans for my life. I need to remember that I still matter. And I need to remember that God can take this broken period of time and turn it into something amazing.

Each month I feature a guest writer. Thank you Sandra Wells for these words. Sandra can be found on Instagram @wellsvsandra or at

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