Good Night My Angel

Inktober 2020 – Day 31: Billy Joel’s Lullabye

This is the last day of Inktober 2020, which means my days with Billy Joel’s incredible lyrics have come to an end. As I reviewed all his lyrics I thought long and hard about which song to use to end the month. I thought it only fitting to share with you the lullaby he wrote for his daughter. I could imagine him singing it to her at the end of her busy day, so it seems a perfect way to end a busy month.

I worked on this piece for weeks and plan to make prints of it as each of the children in our extended family becomes a parent. I have seventeen nieces and nephews, two grand nephews and a grand niece on the way. I am excited at the thought that these words will hang in bedrooms across the globe. Please take the time to actually read the entire piece as I think it beautifully expresses what every parent wants their child to understand.

I did not know this song before this month. It made me realize how much we think we know about people and in reality we only know what we have been able to experience. We never really know anyone’s full capacity. As each of us are growing and learning and enlarging our own world knowing people is a grand adventure that never ends. We may have known them a long time yet can never know everything about them. I found this song a grand surprise and listened to it over and over again to ingrain the message into my own heart. I have listened to his music for decades and was blessed to discover this one from 1993.

Take time to bless the people who bless you. Let them know how much they mean to you AND stop to listen to the new, exciting things they may learn each day. We have been without power, the internet and the ability to leave our property for two days due to storm damage. It has been a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, and it gave us the time to be quiet and together. What we say ad how we say it can change someone’s life forever, even if those words are lyrics in a song. Thank you for sharing this Inktober with me and I hope my work has shared new things about Billy Joel and his amazing library of work. Now it’s time to say good night my angel, time to lose your eyes…

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