Are You Willing to Lose Your Right to Complain?

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Ann Bailey

Tomorrow is Election Day here in the United States. After having to be bombarded with all the political mish mess it can be hard to believe that this is our opportunity to participate in the election process. It is our chance to have our voice be heard and if we choose not to vote then we lose our right to complain. If you choose not to participate then you are willing to give away your voice and sit quietly on the sidelines and wait another four years to participate.

There are many places around this globe where people are not free to voice their opinions, complaints, concerns or discontent with their leaders. If they dare to communicate their unhappiness they fear pain, torture, oppression and maybe even exile. Billions of people would do anything to be able to vote, if we do not vote because it is a hassle or we don’t like the candidates how lazy and shallow are we?

The system won’t change unless we tell it we want change. The system won’t produce what will meet our needs unless we let it know what we want. THe only way to do that is to vote. I could go one and on, instead I will go to bed and get up early to get in line to vote. I hope you will do the same. If you don’t vote you have lost your right to complain.

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