Put Your Mask on First

Inktober 2020 – Day 29: Billy Joel Lyrics

We woke up this morning to a huge tree down over our driveway tangled amongst down power lines…a real mess. No power, no internet, no way to get out, so we are enjoying the quiet. After assessing the damage I thought of this blog….how was I going to post without the internet? Technology is fabulous (cellular hotspot) and I’m writing earlier than usual to make sure it gets posted. I did the artwork earlier this week as the month is winding down, I have a very elaborate piece ready for the 31st, so I am grateful for being able to connect and share my thoughts.

I find it rather apropos that today’s lyrics are about taking care of yourself, doing what is good for you or you’re not good for anybody. As people who care for others it can be hard to put your own life first. Everything everyone else needs, wants, and the things that have to get done to keep things running always seem to take priority. The things you want to do get pushed aside and often forgotten. As we woke up to this tree and electricity mess I am glad I took the time earlier to do what I had to do for my commitments, otherwise my blog would be empty and no one would know why.

It can be hard to do what is good for you without feeling selfish and yet if you are not able to perform at your best what good are you to anyone else? It’s like the airlines always tell us, put your mask on first before helping other passengers. When you are centered, covered and ready for action any mess or disaster isn’t as awful because you have a solid foundation to support you. That can’t happen if your needs always come last. Reject the guilt and do what you need to do, being your best self is the best gift you can give anyone who needs you.

So Woo Hoo for cellular hotspots…stay tuned for an driveway/electricity/internet update tomorrow.

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