It Indicates How We Handle Most Things in Life

Inktober 2020 – Day 29: Billy Joel Lyrics

These social distancing days have been trying times. They have caught us off guard and unprepared for such a drastic change in our world. If we are honest with ourselves it has uncovered our soft, under belly which makes us feel vulnerable and insecure. After so many months we are more stable in our sea legs and navigating a “new normal” yet the tender spots are still visible.

Our families, our finances, our mental health and our physical well being have all been impacted by these months at home. Our family has had some great conversations about it all, what the future could hold and what we really want when social distancing is a thing of the past. Having the conversations requires honesty, vulnerability and treading lightly on tender moments. It means thinking before speaking and regulating our fear before it floods the room by coming out of our mouth.

Everyone has a tender spot, has had a tender moment and knows the awkwardness of trampled tenderness. No matter how well you think you know them people will always surprise you, which means we have to read the signs, pay attention and use kindness as our guide. Trample on too many tender feelings and eventually people stop coming around. Leave the emotionally wounded more wounded and they will rarely if ever darken your door.

I think these lyrics from Billy Joel are correct, leave a tender moment alone. Let it rest, let it be and let yourself allow the quiet to help you savor what it actually happening at that moment. How we handle tenderness is a perfect indication of how we handle most things in life.

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