It’s True: ‘Our Reason Coexists With Our Insanity’

Inktober 2020 – Day 24: Billy Joel Lyrics

Forty-four years ago Billy Joel wrote these words. I was only twelve years old. The song begins they say that these are not the best of times, but they are the only times that I have ever known. When I heard those words I instantly thought of all the children who are growing up in these strange social distancing days. These days will have a huge impact on their thought process, their decisions making and how they view their own future.

These are the days when we are reminded that our reason coexists with our insanity. The logical and the unknown twist together to create our daily lives; none of us truly knowing what tomorrow, next week or next month will hold. If anyone had told us that we would have been quarantined for eight months none of us would have believed them. This year has reminded us that we are living in unimaginable times facing unexplored frontiers on all levels of life. It is okay for some days to feel insane and for our reason to feel a bit shaky.

The bright side is that our thought processes and what were “standard” practices have greatly shifted. Life will never be the same and many of the old ways no longer apply. We have to make up new ways of looking at our daily lives, seeking out what is most important to us rather than what the world tells us we should want, need, value. That means anything goes, truly anything. If we let our imaginations run wild we have the opportunity to change our world for the better without as much red tape to navigate. Imagine, just imagine…and if you dare what you imagine could be your new reality. Billy Joel was right forty-four years ago, our reason does coexist with our insanity. The question is are we crazy enough to actively fulfill our dreams?

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