It Takes Courage to Say Hello & Goodbye

Inktober 2020 – Day 25: Billy Joel Lyrics

We all have people who have traveled in and out of our lives over the years. Some people understand their role and are glad to fulfill it. Others find it hard to not have everything the same as it was way back when. And there is still a third group of people who transcend time, circumstances and distance to remain a part of our lives as both parties grow and change. The challenge comes in when both parties do not agree on where each person stands in relations to the other person’s life.

I have people who changed my life by their presence in my days, most have no idea of the impact they brought to my world. Some served as great examples, some showed me exactly what I did not want to become, and still others served as mentors, sounding boards and a source for great lessons learned. There were hellos, goodbyes at various stages with some still serving as dear friends. When I realized this phenomenon in life I was relieved that I did not have to try and wedge everyone I ever knew into my future world. I’m sure they wouldn’t all fit and both myself and they probably grew beyond those circumstances.

If no other benefit has made itself apparent, social distancing has allowed us to find out how the people in our lives fit, where, when and has that changed? It has given us time to be the friend we want and hopefully build better friendships with the people who need us. This means being willing to say hello and goodbye to people, and to be open to hearing that from them as well. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes, true words indeed.

The hard part is saying or hearing them with a true heart. It takes courage to say both, to hear both and to move forward no matter the reasons why. Take time today to think about the people in your own life. Maybe it’s time to say hello or good bye or to be open to hearing either one.

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