Are You a Smart Person?

Inktober 2020 – Day 23: Billy Joel Lyrics

You’re only human, you’re supposed to make mistakes…my favorite line from this song. Seems like a simple concept to understand and yet we are so very hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves us, doubt our ability to do things and let our past mistakes prevent us from trying again in the future. Mistakes plant a small seed of doubt that blossoms when fertilized by the doo doo we let run a muck in our heads.

When we let the fertilizer grow our self doubt into a full blown case of indecision and confusion we eventually become immobile. We take too long to make a decision, we research, ponder, fact check, think some more, ask the opinions of others until we have so much that we are paralyzed and end up making no kind of decision. Or we make a bad decision purely out of confusion which confirms our self doubt and makes us even more paranoid to make any kind of decision in the future. Ugh! All because we made a mistake once and let it fester in our mind since then.

Mistakes are the only thing we can truly call our own. They make us, mold us, teach us and eventually allow us to become the expert in our chosen area because we have already made every mistake possible. Those who fail to learn are destined to repeat their mistakes over and over and over again. The smart people ask others what mistakes to avoid BEFORE they make them in their own lives. I guess the logical question here is are you a smart person? You may think so, does your decision making ability reflect that?

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