It’s All About Soul

Inktober 2020 – Day 19: Words: Billy Joel

When life hits hard, you have to hit hard back. That takes guts, faith and a lot of soul. It means digging deep and knowing you are more than the circumstances in which you currently find yourself. It means being able to love beyond the ushy gushy portions and lean into the hard, ugly parts while still exuding love. It means being there through the hard times, the lean times, the sick days or nights and the glorious victories.

Life is about being full of soul even on those days when you’re not sure you have anything in your tank. It means still doing the right thing when you are running on empty AND not allowing the present troubles of the day prevent you from being true to your character. Everyone has hard times, it is how you keep getting up and keep going even when it means playing hurt.

No matter what hits you today, tomorrow or next week, dig deep, be true to you and know that life is about having soul, it’s all about soul.

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