Conquering those Long Nights Together

Inktober 2020 Day 18 – Words: Billy Joel

We all have those old records that play in our heads, usually at the most inappropriate time. When we are working hard to hit a goal they remind us when we failed, how badly we failed and taunt us into believing that we are destined to fail again. These dark memories are like being entangled in sea weed unable to get free and slowly being pulled deeper into the darkness. To get free we need to flood our minds with positive memories and stop listening to the dark ones.

All that is possible when there is someone there to help us through those dark thoughts. Someone to remind us of the times we won, the times we reached the goal and the times when we accomplished more than we ever thought possible. Someone to help us get through the long night. Someone we trust and who has our best interest in mind. Someone who is willing to hear us moan and whine yet willing to push us past the pain towards the light.

These people are hard to find. They may be family, a partner, a colleague or even an old friend who has known you since before the dark days happened. They cannot remove the dark, they are there to help you navigate through it or to push you quite literally into the light. They do this with love, compassion and a low threshold for excuses. They have usually won their own battle over the dark voices and have found their own way to make it through the long night. They may be someone you have helped conquer dark thoughts in their own past. However you find them, hold them dear. Being able to navigate life with someone you trust is a gift beyond measure.

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