Stop Picking Up Stones…Unless

Inktober 2020 Day 20 – Words: Billy Joel Lyrics

No matter how well you know someone there is always a bit that can surprise you. Something they know how to do that you had no idea they knew. A habit they hide, a skill they keep to themselves, a thought or idea they have always wanted to bring to life, or even a food they can’t stand to consume. It is the stranger in themselves that even they may not have acknowledged.

I was talking with a long time friend and she told me about something she did in high school, I was pleasantly surprised! I had no idea she had done that and it was endearing to learn something about her that had eluded our relationship even after all these years. We spent a long time talking about her experience and it opened a lot of brand new doors for us to open together. It was the stranger she had never talked about and it was exciting for both of us to explore.

There is also a dark side to the stranger, things people don’t know and may not want to know. Addictions, lies, hidden problems or issues, and even big piles of trouble. We never know everything about people and that is probably best. My example here is someone once said they didn’t like so-and-so’s music because they were ‘blank’ (I left out the name and issue intentionally). I listened to them rail about that person’s ‘fault’ and they asked if I agreed. I took a deep breathe and told them to be careful. Because that person was in the public eye the elements of their life are more public than most; if we knew intimate details about everyone we know no one would stand up to the benchmark called perfect, without sin, or Lilly pure.

Everyone has something that is better left unknown, their stranger that only they or a few intimate people know and should know. None of us are without sin, perfect, or pure of heart. It is human nature to have good and bad within us at all times, the challenge is controlling both sides all the time. It is also human nature to judge, rank or rate others without knowing all the facts. I go back to Jesus here, he who is without sin throw the first stone. So stop picking up stones and commenting about someone else’s stranger unless you are willing to face your own.

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