License to be Ourselves

Inktober 2020 – Day 11: Billy Joel Lyrics

These words from Billy Joel could be seen as romantic, they could be seen as sentimental. These words remind me that there is only one of each of us. No matter how much we are ‘like’ someone else, there is only one original. And somewhere someone is looking for what you have to offer and when they find you their world will never be the same.

In these jumbled up days, time spent social distancing and months without much interpersonal interaction let these lyrics remind you that there is only one you. No one will ever be your rare and wonderful combination of traits, talents, virtues and ideas ever again. Be it a business, a family, a person or your community, someone needs what only you have to offer. What only you can bring into a job, a place, a life, a friendship or even a romance will change everything if you simply allow yourself to be the real you.

When you find the right person they need you to be their right person. The right kind of boss, manager, partner, friend, romance or next door neighbor. The person they can trust, enjoy, confide in or simply sit in silence with to watch a movie. You being you gives others license to be themselves. Never forget that when we are ourselves it gives everyone in our lives permission to be the one they were truly meant to be.

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