Becoming Despite the Shades of Grey

Inktober 2020 – Day 12: Billy Joel Lyrics

I had the opportunity to drive across five states with my oldest nephew. We were helping a family member move which meant we had lots of time to talk. It has been a great blessing to see him grow into the man he has become and spending multiple days with him helped me better understand his perspective. He has handled many of the grey areas of life and learned important lessons about who he is and what he wants.

Life is rarely black and white, it is usually multiple shades of grey. Once you think you understand a shade another one pops into the picture and changes everything. Life is always changing and beating able to manage your world means being able to handle the known and the unknown, even when they are all jumbled together.

These lyrics from Billy Joel remind us all that the more we find the less we know, about everything. The more we seek black and white the more shades of grey we will discover. We have to decide how we are going to respond and move forward even in the midst of the unknown. Who do we want to be, to become, what do we stand for and how do we want to behave in good times, in bad times and during the unknown times. Life is about the shades of grey and how we become who we want to be even when trapped with your Aunt in a car driving down the highway.

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