Do What You do Best no Matter the Circumstances

Inktober 2020 – Day 5: Billy Joel Lyrics

Anyone who listens to the radio has heard this one, even if it is from the 1970s. Piano Man is one of Billy Joel’s iconic songs that allows us to join in by singing at the top of our lungs with all our friends. I enjoy it so much because it tells a story, one to which we can all relate. It is the story of a lounge singer in a bar and all the people he meets. The characters are not all happy and most want to be somewhere else yet for the moment they are all enjoying the piano and the bar.

I listened to this song several times today and it reminded me of what happens when you do what you do best. Being consistent, solid and reliable are admirable traits that not everyone employs and the piano player in this song entertains the people. He might want more out of life yet he doesn’t bring that misery to his work, he brings his best and does what he can to keep the people going. His passion for the piano allows them to relax and savor the sounds and for one moment the sorrow, loneliness or aching subsides. And for this entertainer that is all that he can do, and it is enough.

We are programmed to excel, succeed to strive to be rock stars and that’s a great goal. Along that path there are times when all we can do is do our best and give it our all and leave the struggle for more success for another day. Sometimes doing our best is what allows others to relax, enjoy or even dwell in a great experience to be reminded that doing things well is enough to make a moment special. Not everyone will be a rock start and not everyone wants that. Being able to give our gifts – fully, with excellence and without any strings – raises the bar for everyone we encounter. It reminds us all that doing something well is worth doing, no matter the outcome.

So sign us a song, you’re the Piano Man, sing us a song tonight…and maybe your song is exactly what we need for this moment. Thank you for being excellent and sharing it with the world…and be sure to leave the Piano Man a nice tip!

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