Character is Not Related to Your Bank Balance

Inktober 2020 – Day 4: Billy Joel

So many stories about someone from the wrong side of town making it good. Who exactly determines which side of the tracks are the wrong side? Usually it was the people with money, prestige or both. In other words, if you did not come from money you’re were automatically not good enough.

I find it strange that there is a right or wrong side when nearly every person in this country can trace their origami’s to some other country. We were settled and populated by people from across the globe who simply wanted a better life for their families and the opportunity to do whatever they wanted, no matter on what side of the tracks they grew up on. America is the land of opportunity if you are willing to work hard and sacrifice. And yet after only a few years we fell into the same trap we were trying desperately to escape by naming people things like Uptown Girl.

Sure it is a identifier for where they live and yet by giving it a name we are once again creating prejudice, status levels, obstacles and insults for those who live elsewhere. Country Boy, City Slicker, Shop Girl, Delivery Boy, all of which tell us about someone’s demographics and nothing about their character. Wouldn’t we rather be the country that inspires people to become more than they are today because a rising tide raises all ships not just the one closest to the expensive boat docks. What would happen if we spoke about people by their leading character trait – honest, decent, hard working, enthusiastic, trustworthy, loyal – instead of by measuring where they live or how much money they make?

Character is more about who you are as a person then the size of your bank balance. I find myself seeing things and automatically judging or ranking by something I see instead of stopping and observing actions and deeds. We have all been trained this way, so it’s time to re-train, re-learn and better communicate people’s value not by their demographics simply by who they are as people. It takes more time and more effort however what a better world this would be when an Uptown Girl can be a woman of value no matter her mailing address.

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