What is Worry Anyway?

Ink on Pastel Paper – Words: David Mamet

We all say things about being worried, being kept awake with worry, even that our minds are worried about this or that. I heard this quote and thought it perfectly defined what it means to worry. None of us would be foolish enough to pay interest on a debt that never comes due, and yet that is exactly what we are doing when we occupy our time with worry.

Worry usually comes our way when we have lots on our mind, lots of different or what appear to be pressing matters all competing for our thought processes. We worry when we feel out of control, when things change and we face the unknown, we even worry about the ones we care about EVEN if it does nothing to further the situation to a positive result. Unfortunately worry becomes a habit of the mind and can be a very difficult habit to break. Sometimes we feel like worrying and letting people hear about our worries makes us feel important or ‘in the know’ about the business of others.

What if instead of letting our minds dwell on the ‘what ifs’ of life we focused on the positive things we can do, the options, the opportunities, or even sent time praying or lifting positive words? Action cures fear and worry is simply a mental form of fear. It doesn’t do any good and usually the thing we have worried about never comes to pass, like that debt that never comes due. I had a mentor encourage me each night to write down my concerns on a piece of paper before going to bed, then crumple it up into a little ball and throw it away. That process cleared my mind and let me rest peacefully.

When you start worrying stop yourself, think positive and do not engage your brain in paying interest on that debt that never comes due. You have more important ways to use your brain and emotional energy than worry. Nothing ever got resolved because more people spent more time worrying; things get resolved through action and overcoming fear.

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