Dare to Dream BIG!

Scrap letters on Wood Canvas – Word: Dream

I just watched the movie Billy Elliot. If you have never seen it, find it and watch it with a box of tissues. The main character is an eleven year old boy who lives in a mining town in Northern England. Instead of liking boxing he wants to take ballet. I won’t share anymore, watch it and be inspired.

The movie reminded me that dreaming is hard work. Daring to believe that your life could be different than the one your currently live – COVID-19 excluded – takes courage, discipline and chutzpah. When we dare to dream we open the door for everyone in our life to observe, and learn, and dare to dream for themselves. It’s as if someone has to go first, and a dreamer takes that dare and runs with it.

The size of the dream doesn’t matter. The circumstances don’t matter, the demographics of the dreamer don’t even matter. All that matters is that someone has a thought that they want to pursue and they have the courage to take steps to reach their dream. Be it ballet, reaching Mars, paying for a child to go to school or traveling the world, all that matters is working hard to get there and taking other people along with you on that amazing journey.

So what idea keeps you up at night? What glimmer of a dream is hidden away in your heart? And what is the next step for you to get things moving forward? Let me invite you to dare to think bigger than you can currently complete, make what you want bigger than your life now can handle, and find something that there is no way you can do all by yourself. THAT is a great dream and one worth fighting for each and every day.

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  1. I saw the movie when it was in theaters. It had great reviews. My uncle was visiting and I took him along. We had a silent drive home. It wasn’t what I expected and definitely not a pick for my uncle. I can’t say I’d recommend it. I didn’t miss the message.


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