The Power of Love

Scrap letters on Wood Canvas

Ah, Amore! Love in any other language still brings warmth to the coldest of hearts; that is if love has not already torn the heart in two. Love is a roller coaster ride moving us up and down, up and down, filling us with joy or leaving us crushed like a bug, or somewhere in between.

We all want to be loved. We all want someone to love and for that someone to love us in return. Somehow love serves as a primal goal and yet to reach that goal we must love ourselves first. We have to know without a doubt that we are worthy no matter how much we have won or lost. We do not have to be perfect, wealthy, beautiful or even the smartest person in the room. All we need to be is ourselves allowing others to see the unique gifts we have to give.

Not everyone will love us, not everyone will be able to see our value or our gifts. We show those people kindness and keep looking for someone to love us just the way we are. There is no need to change our values, our appearance, our principles or our gifts in order to be accepted and loved. True love is able to experience our true self and care for us in spite of our flaws and we have to be able to do the same for the other person.

Love, life’s greatest gift, life’s hardest journey and a goal worthy of our efforts. Learning to love ourselves in order to truly love someone else is a lifelong journey. Ah, Amore!

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