Try a Little Courage

Scrap Wooden Letters on Wood Canvas – Word: Courage

My nephew and his wife have started a new business making items with a glow forge. The forge allows them to cut wood, acrylic and etch metal. When I visited this last weekend they gave me a bag full of random leftover letters from signs and items. I brought it all home and created this piece by gluing the random leftovers to a wood canvas. I think it turned out pretty awesome, is very striking and the word courage reminds me that doing something new takes courage.

The idea for this piece kept me up late one night. I could not go to bed until I had tried to implement. I had a certain amount of fear, excitement and anxiety, which as a combination of emotions can propel us very far. Being able to have an idea then move it into reality lights a fire within us all; the excitement can be addicting.

We hear people talk about acts of courage thinking that someone who saves a life or fights crime is courageous. We forget that it takes courage to live life everyday. It takes courage to get up each morning and face the challenges of life, the changes we cannot control and the new situations these days present. It takes courage to discipline your children, to stand up to coworkers and your boss, and to slay the demons that live in the grey matter in your head. Everyday of life requires some element of courage even if we are used to the task and can do it without thinking.

Courage is not just for superheroes or firefighters, courage is something each of us muster to keep living our lives with credibility and honor. Too often we forget to call it courage, we simply do it and forget the battle we have won to reach that point in the day. We forget the triumphs and milestones in our past that have built a solid foundation for our future. Today as you get up, make ethical choices and protect yourself and those you love from foes visible and invisible give yourself a little credit. Pat yourself on the back for having the gumption and courage to do the right thing each and everyday.

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