Appreciate the Small Thread in the Grand Tapestry

Woven Pen & Ink Paper – Words: Gregory Hinkley

For week thirty-three of our fifty week calligraphy challenge the prompt was the word weave. Anything around that topic as long as it included lettering. My husband has been urging me to weave some sport of papers, so this was a good chance to try the process. I wrote the text multiple times on paper, cut it into strips, then wove it into a grid using handmade paper with letters. I’m not sure I like it, but I learned a lot.

The busyness of the piece reminded me that we are all small elements in the grand design, never fully knowing our contribution to the big picture. That can be humbling and frustrating at the same time. Our little thread may not seem like much in perspective with the entire universe and yet without our tiny contribution the universe would not be the same. We bring a value and an element to things that no one else can contribute.

We need to remember that others bring something to the tapestry that we do not. They have skills, talents and a perspective we may not be able to see, so without them in our lives our world would be different and our gift incomplete. So next time someone you work with or live with is driving you up a tree be reminded that they bring a unique value to this world that you would never want to live without.

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