When You Know You Are Loved

Marker on Pen & ink paper – Words: Princess Diana

As the Beatles tune tells us, love is all you need. Yet love is not always the easiest thing to control. We can work and give it all our effort however the most powerful love is that which is reciprocated, so for love to survive it has to be nurtured and returned.

Love is not just about romance, love is the genuine affection between two people, between an owner and their pet, between family and friends, between anyone who holds a special place in their heart for another. All too often we do not recognize the importance of love or how it has impacted our lives until it is too late. Sometimes we do not recognize real love until we have been let down by a poor imitation of it, then the recovery brings us wisdom and discernment leaving us more mature in our next relationship.

This quote from Princess Diana reminds us to hold on to love once it is found, which is different than trying to control love. Eventually a love that is controlled shrivels up or turns to resentment; love must be allowed to fly free and return of it’s own free will. Love cannot be forced or urged, controlled or manipulated. Love can change the world only if it is freely given and generously received.

Think about the people you love. Tell them how much they mean to you and how much you value their love. We can never tell people enough how much we love them, then our actions need to support our words by allowing them to love us back to their best ability. Hold on to love loosely and never smother, let it fly free and return willingly…THAT is when you know you are loved!

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