Be the Real You NO MATTER WHAT!

Gel Pen on Black Mixed Media Paper – words: Maya Angelou

People say and do the most incredible things. It would be a wonderful world if all those things were to move our world towards goodness instead of evil, yet we all know that is just not true. People are broken, hurting, insensitive and even just stupid sometimes. They say and do things that hurt us – mentally, physically, emotionally – and that pain stays with us.

When we are hurt we have two choices, remember and live with the pain or choose to forget and forgive. The forgetting often comes easier than the forgiveness. It may seem we are over it and then something happens to remind us of the pain, suddenly it all comes rushing back and our ability to forget let alone forgive crumbles to dust in an instant. Everything we have experienced has led us to where we are today whether we wanted that experience or not. We can embrace the horrors of our past by taking away their powers or we can be victims of their mental terrorist attacks and suffer the frequent setbacks. It may not feel that way yet we do have a choice, forgive, forgive forgive. When we forgive, truly let it go and release our anger and hurt we take away the power and can move forward in freedom.

Forgiveness needs to be applied in all sorts of circumstances – being passed over for that new promotion, cruel or unkind actions and words, physical harm or the fear of it, maybe even being forgotten by someone you love. No matter the reason forgiveness is NOT just for the perpetrator it is more of a gift for yourself. The longer you hold on to the pain the tighter the grip that experience has on your soul. When you truly forgive you release yourself from any future terrorist attacks.

It is time to forgive the company you work for, the boss you dislike, the friend or family member who hurt you or the loved one who let you down. It doesn’t matter what they did, let me write that again…it doesn’t matter what they did…YOU take back your life and forgive them even if they do not deserve it. YOU free yourself from the power that pain has over you and move forward with hope and joy. Give yourself this gift and let it seep into the most hurt parts of your life like an all healing salve. Let go of the anger, the pain, the sensitive points and be the REAL you no matter what.

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