Bring Your Umbrella & Rearrange the Living Room

Marker on watercolor paper – Words: Maya Angelou

One of my favorite stories about being prepared involved a town that had not experienced rain for ten months. At the height of the drought all the churches in town joined together to pray for rain. Cars lined the byways for miles as people walked along the dusty roads to get to the meeting. Everyone sang, clapped, prayed and fervently ask God for rain. Out of all those people only one little eight year old boy truly believed, he arrived with an umbrella and rain boots.

I had a friend who saw a new living room sofa she wanted, however it was way out of her price range. She knew eventually it had to go on sale and If she saved then she could afford it. She went so far as to rearrange her living room that day to accommodate the new sofa. She prepared for what she wanted. It drove her husband nuts, but months later they delivered the sofa she bought on clearance and that family enjoys it to this day.

All too often we ask, we study, we hope, we dream, we even work hard, yet we are not truly prepared for getting what we want. It is as if we hedge our bets and want it yet never truly believe that it will happen. Maybe we just don’t want to be disappointed or appear foolish, so he kinda sorta work towards the goal without believing or wanting to seem crazy or too focused. The point is to ask for what you want and be prepared for it, no questions no doubts.

Some people talk about what they want and harness the power of the tongue to speak it into existence. Others think that talking about it only jinxes things so they keep their desires to themselves. Others of us have dream boards and visualize our desires yet never truly believe it will manifest itself. We never actually rearrange the living room until we see the sofa arrive.

If you do not prepare then do you really want it? Why would anyone believe you if you are not prepared? How willing are you to get prepared, work hard and expect it? Sure you may be disappointed, and yes it may take much longer than you think. Today’s quote is a reminder to bring your umbrella and rearrange the living room in preparation for getting exactly what you want no matter how long it takes.

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