The Bridge Called Change

Ink on Black Mixed Media Paper – Words: Martha Stewart

There is only one constant in life, that constant is change. No matter how badly we want things to stay the same the only way we progress in life is through change. I was reminded of that this week as I spent time with my great nephew, he’s thirteen. His voice is changing and he’s at that awkward stage when he sounds like a girl one minute and a grown man the next. I forgot what that sounds like until he began talking, then all my memories of being a teenager returned. Whether he likes it or not he has to go through this to land on the precipice of manhood.

It sounds strange that change is constant and yet we all know it and at times dread it more than anything else. Change brings out our fear of the unknown, the one step forward two steps back dance, and change makes us feel uncertain about everything even if only one thing is changing. Suddenly we cling to what we know even if we do not like it simply because it is safe and manageable. All of us have to endure the change in our own voice as we grow and mature and gain experience in this life. Other people may ‘hear’ our voice change and know what’s happening even before we know it about ourselves.

If we think about it change is the bridge between where we are and where we want to be; without it we stand on the precipice and have no way to cross that great divide. So what’s worse, the change we are facing or a vast nothingness partnered with an inability to move in any direction. If the choice is change or stagnate we need to choose change. When you’re through changing, you’re through. Somehow once you truly understand that the bridge called change doesn’t look so awful.

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