A Lesson From a Deep Dark Hole & a Spoon

Sumi ink on Scrap paper – Words: Unknown

Deception is not just about telling people things that are not true, it is about leaving out portions of the story. We are deceitful when we commit and omit, someones we forget that. The main challenge with not being honest or truthful is that you then have to remember what you lied about AND chances are you have ruined a relationship.

When we deceive we kill trust, which is like a very deep hole. The more trust the larger and deeper the hole. The moment we choose to deceive the hole is filled in completely. The only way to regain someone’s trust is to start digging the hole again, this time with a spoon. Trust is a delicate thing and something to be cherished and protected. When we choose to lie, cheat, steal we are choosing the end of valuable relationships and we permanently tarnish our character.

Remember character is who you are when no one is looking; it is the things you do that you think no one will discover. We all have those things and they often are the moments that haunt us even if no one else knows. We know, we no longer trust ourselves and we have opened the door to self doubt and loathing. These are horrible cell mates in our minds that remind us every time we try to do something that we were once untrustworthy which means we are not worthy of good, new, nice, happiness, whatever it is we are seeking. These are memories that are stuck forever in our heads knowing at our self esteem. They may no longer be true, we may have dealt with our deceptions and yet that cell mate will always try to remind us of our shortcomings.

So what’s the lesson here? Simple, honesty is the best policy on all levels. That deep dark hole of trust is the kind of hole you want. It keeps us honest, trustworthy and true to the real person you want to become. That deep dark hole allows the people in our lives to believe us when we tell them things and allows us to build larger and deeper holes through out the years. For once do whatever it takes to make that trust hole deeper, wider and growing everyday; otherwise, start looking for a really big spoon.

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