Because God is Awake

Ink on Pastel paper – Words: Victor Hugo

We can only do so much then we have to leave the rest in God’s hands. I have done this quote from Victor Hugo multiple times and each time I have a renewed sense of hope as God is awake. It reminds me that I do not have to be in control of everything, only the things I can control and the rest is left to faith.

I am writing this before I go to sleep after an adventurous day with lots of updates from family and friends. Good news, sad news, exciting news and changes all over the board. None of which I can control so I plan to go to sleep and let God take care of it all. That often takes a very deep breath, a slow releasing exhale, and being willing to leave the busyness of daily life behind.

I hope that your next sleep is a peaceful one in which you are able to relax your mind, soul and dream of wonderful adventures to come. I hope that your faith is put to the test when you consciously give up trying to figure everything out and just go to sleep, because God is awake.

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