THAT Would be a Really Huge Yawn!

Ink on Scrap Paper – Words: Bette Midler

Sometimes it feels selfish to celebrate the things that make us unique. We all hope there are things that make us special and we hope that other people notice them. If we are fortunate we have people in our lives who remind us of the value and individuality we bring to this life. We need to be able to celebrate without anyone else around the fact that we are unique, one of a kind, a treasure that can never be replaced.

I found this small piece of scrap paper and wondered how to use it. It was a remnant from a larger piece with paint splatters, which left me challenged. When I read this quote from Bette Midler in one of a multitude of my actual quote books I knew what to do with this scrap. The unique paper and quote about being unique needed to work together to sell the idea. I think it works pretty well, I think it brings out the bright side of the word unique.

The dark side of uniqueness is dull, lifeless and rather boring, or as Bette says here, a real yawn! It takes time to find your own unique elements AND embrace them as your own. Once that is discovered there is an infinite freedom that no one can take away. We must all be careful that our uniqueness does not trample upon or rob someone else of their individuality. It is what makes us different that we need to celebrate, understand and embrace in each human encounter. If we deny others their right to be themselves then how do we dare ask them to validate our own special gifts.

Unique, special, individual, all of these words have positive impacts when paired with positive words. They become wounds, scars and cruel when they user used to make another person feel less than. We’ve all heard it or seen it, or sadly done it to another person. Today is the day to stop using our powers for evil and channel them into making our world and our lives better. If we don’t then we all end up being exactly the same and that would indeed be a really huge yawn!

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