Choose Silliness and Not Evil

Ink on Pastel Paper scrap – Words: Amy Poehler

We each have a power within us that we can yield whenever and wherever we want. We can exert power over other people, we can thrust our power upon those we perceive as weaker than ourselves, or we can use our power for good and not evil. Whether you feel powerful or not, you are powerful. You simply have to choose to use it.

These words from Amy Poehler – there is power in looking silly and not caring that you do – remind us that we have the power to build, support and grow our own self imagine and our own self esteem. We get to choose how we want to be and that means allowing no one to make us feel bad for being ourselves. There is GREAT power in being able to be yourself no matter the circumstances or audience.

There is a horrible phrase that can cut someone down to size, stifle their imagination and prevent any further innovation or fun simply by uttering it. What are these magically horrible words you ask? “What would people say?” I’ve watched many a great idea wither and die once these words were uttered, specially if they are said by a parent or boss. This quote reminds us to reinforce our internal powers before we need them so they are there once our silliness or imagination takes flight. If we have built our self esteem and self confidence those magically horrible words fall flat and turn to dust.

So when was the last time you had the confidence to be silly, other than while ingesting large quantities of alcoholic beverages or during a game of charades? Being silly gives our minds the ability to think, act, move forward without fear of reprisal. Suddenly the unthinkable is possible which often leads us down a trail towards new and different ideas. Creativity doesn’t live very long if not given the opportunity to be silly, play, or just experiment. Let today be the day you test the power of your self esteem and allow silliness into your arena. You may be delightfully surprised at the fun you have, the stress that is relieved and the way your whole soul exudes joy. All you have to do is use your internal powers for silliness and not evil.

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