Slay Your Dragon and Win Back the Prize

Dirty water & Gold ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Nora Ephron

How strange to think that dirty water could produce such interesting shades when combined with gold ink. This was a real experiment and I think it worked very well. I am a huge fan of Nora Ephron’s movies, so her words provide me huge encouragement. I’m sure she had lots of barriers as a female writer and director, yet she kept going anyway.

It can be fantastically inspiring to follow someone’s work and enjoy what they produce. It is fun to cheer them on at award ceremonies and for huge opportunities. It is energizing to watch their careers and accomplishments grow beyond our own imagination. So why can it feel so selfish and self centered to be the heroine of your own life? Why is it so much easier to cheer on others than to sheer on ourselves?

There is a find line between self love and being conceited. In one we exude courage, strength and joy while in the other we come across as arrogant, unaware and impervious to the feedback of others. Self confidence is best when mixed with kindness and a desire to learn more. Being conceited means you think you know it all and everyone else should ask your opinion before proceeding. The line between these two can be very thin and once crossed can be hard to be around.

In life we should be able to be our own best cheerleader, our biggest fan, the person we most want to impress and surprise by our own accomplishments. If we cannot cheer for ourselves why should anyone else? It has to begin with us before we can ask others to do the same, it’s the old “lead by example” proverb.

So what can you do to be the hero or heroine of your own life, and not the victim? What do you want to change, update, refresh, continue, stop or restart. And what within in yourself is preventing you for doing those things? Remember courage is not the absence of fear it is the ability to face the fear and do it anyway…and heroines always face their fear before slaying the dragon and winning back the prize? Maybe today is a good day to brush off your own fears and regain your own inner cheers of triumph.

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