Dare to Hope and Dream Big

Ink on Scrap Paper – Words: Bernard Williams

I am always amazed at the power hope has in this world. It brings the dried up soul to life, refreshes our dreams when we think they are dead, and drives us to work hard with the hope that our efforts will make a difference. Hope may be fragile at times yet it is hard to kill.

Hope is one of the things cruelty, fear, and chaos work very hard to dissolve. If all hope is gone the human spirit usually dies like a leaf on the vine. Once dissolved it takes the equivalent of life support with a defibrillator to bring back and hint of hope. That is where you come in.

At one time or another all of us have needed an infusion of hope into our lives, our thoughts, our dreams. Someone who loved us or served as inspiration provided just the right words or emotional support to get our hopeful heart back on track. We saw them struggle, they shared their challenges and how they overcame them, and they reminded us that anything worth doing takes hard work and hope. We were revived by hearing their words, their conquests and seeing their own hopes and dreams come to fruition.

When I have a day when I need a bit of encouragement I have a few go to movies that always remind me that all is not lost, life is worth it and dreams do come true. These films remind me that hope is real and makes a great impact on our lives. Sometimes I talk to certain friends, or listen to powerful music, or even read inspiring stories. All of which help pump my hope back into full gear.

Maybe you need a bit of hope back in your world? Maybe you can share your hopes with others who need a bit of pumping up? Maybe you can do it together and through sharing the struggles share the triumphs as well. Whatever it is, find your own way to revive your hops and dreams, knowing that all our lives are better when anyone dares to hope and dream big.

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