What Not With You?

Gel Print Remnant with Ink – Words: Eleanor Roosevelt

These are strange COVID-19 days, filled with isolation, sketchy reporting, social distancing and some version of the truth hanging by a thread. We’ve been living this way for many months so the “routines” of our situation are starting to feel familiar. Familiar doesn’t mean right, or forever, or permanent, it simply means the newness has rubbed off. We have grown used to it, and somewhere hope that things will eventually change again for the better. Maybe a few things will change today.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said in this often quoted phrase, a new day brings new strengths and new thoughts. Maybe today is the day you start that project, finish the one in process or even sit down to read or write a great book. The options are endless; we are only limited by our own imagination, our own work ethic and time committed to other things. We are limited by what we think, so maybe today we need to think differently. A new day brings possibilities, only if we choose to believe that. Maybe today is the day you choose to think differently.

Sure there are lots of problems out there waiting for someone to solve them. I once heard a great thinker say she didn’t mean to change the entire world, she simply set out to change her own world, the rest was a byproduct of making things better for herself and her family. Sometimes it is that simple. Figure out how to solve your own problem and then share your solution with the world.

This is a new day, one that has never existed before. Some of the routines of the day may be familiar and almost rote, yet this day has never been nor will ever be again. There will only be one today, so what do you plan to do with it? What problem do you have the ability to solve that can change your life, your family’s life or even your community. Change, strength and new thoughts have to start somewhere, why not with you?

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