Be Your True Self

Ink on Arches Watercolor Paper- Words: Coco Chanel

We all want to be appreciated and recognized for what we bring to life. The way we think, the way we work, the ideas we help generate, even our ability to handle a crisis. There is something unique about each of us, we simply have to embrace courage and let that unique part of us show.

This also means that we may not be understood by everyone around us. Everyone may not like our differences and will therefore fear or avoid us. Being different is amazing and daunting to others at the same time. It is a two edged sword that cuts both ways. Fit in and you are not being your true self, be your true self and people may not let you fit into the group. It can take time to find people, places and opportunities where you fit in and are able to share your true ideas without fear of reprisal.

The goal in life is not for everyone to like you. If that happens eventually you will stop liking yourself. The goal in life is to figure out what you can do and then spend your days doing it well. Being able to lay your head down at the end of the day knowing you spent your energy being who you were meant to be, THAT is a great day. To be fulfilled in life means have more great days than not.

So what makes you irreplaceable? What do people think when you walk into the room? What do people think when you leave the room? How do you feel about yourself when you got to sleep at night? Being different is hard, fabulous and frustrating all at the same time. Being able to be yourself and bring your best self to the people around you, THAT is a day you want to live each and every day. So have the courage today to be your true self. Be different, be irreplaceable, be your true self.

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