It’s a Reward, a Strength and a Pleasure

Ink on Scrap Marker Paper – Words: George Sand

How do you spell lucky, W-O-R-K. We have made it seem like a flaw when people want to work hard, really hard, really really hard. We have become so focused on leading a pleasureful life that we now associate work with something negative. Successful people got where they are today through hard work, focus and then more hard work. Yes there will be sacrifices, yes there will be failure, and yes not everyone will understand. The goal is not to please people the goal is to work hard and get the job done.

There is something incredible that happens when we are able to experience the fruits of our labors. When we see the code we wrote create something new and different, or we sit in the chair we made by hand, or even when we hear a child read a book knowing that our patience and hard work taught them how to read. The world we know today was built by men and women who sweat, toiled, invented, implemented and tested their way to their goals. They worked first and relaxed once the job was done.

When I read this quote from the 1800s I thought how work looked so different than what I do today. Men and women in that time may never have imagined that you could work from home on a computer and speak to people from across the globe all at the same time. Some of us work with technology, some of us work with our hands, and some of us are blessed to be able to do both. As George Sand notes here, work is a reward, a strength and a pleasure. It is time we got back to that attitude and let our hard work lead the way to a brave new world.

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