Haiku: Not Merely Black or White

Ink on Grey Tone Paper – Words: Ann Bailey

We were challenged for this twenty-fifth week in our calligraphy group to do a Haiku, either our own words or those from someone else. I wanted to do something about life not being black and white, so I wrote this text. I had fun laying out the words such that there are actually two ways of expressing the same thought. No matter how hard we try life is not all black or all white, or one of the other. Most of life is usually very grey.

The hard part is that grey is much more difficult to handle. When things are black you know it, so you deal with the blackness. When things are white and you know that you then deal with the white. But when things are grey you may not be prepared or equipped to navigate all that this grey world holds. Grey can be cloudy, unknown, unfamiliar and without boundaries. Grey presses us to do things we may not know how to do or asks us to change when what we really want is something black or white, not grey. Grey demands more of us than we may be prepared to give.

Living life in the black or the white means there are only two options, nothing more nothing less. There is right or wrong, good or bad, kind or evil, sick or healthy. There is rich or poor, night or day, hungry or full, ugly or pretty. One way or another these opposites do not usually define the real world let alone describe what we actually experience in real life. Life is more about perspective than definitives.

Sure life would be easier if there were only two choices, it would also be very boring. One of our greatest gifts is free will, the freedom to be who we are whether other people like it or not. We have choices, options, variety, and the ability to change our minds if we choose. The plethora of life also means we have to think, pray and choose wisely as our choices lead us to the person we will become. Want a different life, make different choices. Want to be better in your relationships with people understand that not everyone or everything is black or white. Embrace the grey and let the freedom of choice bring variety to spice up your life.

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