Listen First then Talk Many Moments Later

Markers on Rice Paper – Words: Ann Bailey

My husband is a foodie, I am not. He loves food, likes cooking food and best of all enjoys eating anything once. I eat food to survive, enjoy most of it and think that the best food is anything prepared by someone else. When it comes to food we are a good match in that I appreciate what he loves and he loves that I appreciate it. I created this piece for him to communicate our love for each other through his favorite thing, food.

In all our relationships they are sustainable when we figure out how to communicate with the other person. Whether it is family, a spouse, a friend or colleague different people hear, speak and understand things at all sorts of levels. They need love and praise, we need to be able to give both which means knowing what language they speak. My husband speaks food so I tell him how I feel in food.

Over the years as we grow closer to the people who are important to us we learn how to understand what they are telling us AND how to tell them about what is important to us. No matter how you communicate the best first step is to listen. Stop talking about yourself, your past, your experiences and listen to them. Let them talk and let them know you understand by sharing what you understood in your own words. Listen first, talk maybe many moments later.

If people took the time to tell others how they feel, what they need and what they understand it is amazing what conflicts, outrage and issues would be resolved before they even had a chance to escalate.

1 Comment

  1. I stand with Kevin on this provocative matter. I don’t live to eat, but eating is part of living…well. Love the art, as always.
    I do want you to do a 365 days of wisdom art from proverbs and Psalms. I hope someone else reads this comment and encourages you to do the same.


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