The Power of This Trio

Gel Print Remnant on Black Paper – Words: 1 Corinthians 13:13

This piece of scrap gel print paper is only about 2 inches wide; rather small compared to many of my other works. I sat with this little square in my hand for a while before I thought about punching holes in it. As you can see I punched three. Then this verse from 1 Corinthians popped into my head and reminded me of these three important things.

Faith, brings light and life and another level to our lives. Faith dares to believe and act on those beliefs. Faith helps us focus on what we can do ourselves and then asks us to leave the rest up to God. Faith dwells deep inside and touches everything we do, no matter the circumstances.

Hope, that glint of sunshine that sparks the flames of action. Hope allows us to imagine a life that is better, smarter, faster, brighter and more joyful than the one we are living today. Hope is contagious and has the power to bring us back from the darkest places in our minds. Hope is the fuel for our imaginations and supplies energy to live out our dreams.

Love, the greatest of these three takes many forms and shapes. Love can be applied to people, places, things, food all of which communicate a high level of emotional attachment. Love is a word we throw around about all sorts of things which sometimes lessens it’s impact, and yet when we tell people we love them it brings life and worthiness to their world. Everyone wants to be loved and to love, no matter how strange, quirky, old or new love truly an change the world.

So it’s about faith, hope and love. Apply all three to your world and watch what happens. Neglect one of the three and watch the troubles roll in like waves on the sand. Never underestimate the power of this trio, they have the power to overcome anything!

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