Give That Same Gift to Someone Else

Ink on Craft paper- Words: Charles W. Eliot

I started a new book yesterday, an action adventure with mystery and mobsters built right into it. Before I knew it I had read eight chapters. I was transported to a place I had never been struggling with new characters to out wit the mob. More than once today I thought about those characters and their predicament.

How amazing it is to be transported, taught, comforted and consoled through the written word. No matter the problem or thing that needs to be learned, there is a book in print that can provide the answers. Feeling sad or questioning your own life? Pick up a book and read about someone who has it worse, it will put your own world into perspective. Need to blow off some steam? Spend some time reading about an intergalactic avenger working their best to save the world. The possibilities are only limited by the time you have to read. Need a distraction from whatever? Travel back in time through a historical novel reminding the reader of an era gone by.

How blessed we are to be able to read. Our minds, our ideas, our thoughts and feelings broaden beyond our internal borders simply by putting letters on a page and turning paragraphs into stories. People will always fail us as they are only human. Only in books does the hero always get the bad guy and the story always end the same.

Thank you for reading my blog. Give a quiet word of thanks to the people who taught and encouraged you to read. It is the gift that changed your life, now be sure to give that same gift to someone else.

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