Universal Shapes: Recalculating

Ink on Mixed Media paper- Words Albert Einstein

It’s week twenty-three in our fifty week challenge. The prompt was universal shapes, there are four: square, circle, triangle, and squiggly line. I had an initial idea, tried and tested three or four other ideas, and finally landed on my original thought. I utilized drafting stencils to make the large letters, playing with their shapes of course.

After moving past my original idea, I wanted to do something more elaborate or colorful. I reviewed my work thus far and realized I had not done anything with primary colors. I started several ideas, none of which I liked. I stopped and realized I was overthinking it. I cleared off my table and quickly moved back to my original thought. Simple, black and white, somewhat universal. I resisted the urge to over do and add more.

How often do we get caught up in thinking we need more and more when in the long term simple works? Funny how it takes frustration, a pause and a couple deep breaths to help us correct our course. It’s like the mental version of that annoying GPS phrase, ‘Recalculating’. Once that recalculating process is done all else is smooth sailing.

Maybe today is the day you go back to your original idea and stop spinning your wheels. Maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself by going back to your first dream and give it your full attention. Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath and allow yourself the freedom to be who you truly want to be…the universe is waiting!

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