Real Opportunity Means Lots of Work

Sumi ink on mystery paper – Words: Chinese Proverb

These are strange times causing lots of disruption and trouble. The things that will change as a result of all this social isolation are vast indeed. It may takes years for us to see the other end of it all, all this trouble.

As I read quotes from one of my favorite resource books, this one hit me right between the eyes. All this trouble is real opportunity which means lots of work. We have become comfortable in the lives we live and change, disruption, even troubles mean we have to roll up our sleeves and work. Work is hard, messy, grueling, even painful and leaving comfort and the known behind means we have to face a new reality. I liked the old reality! I didn’t ask for this! I’m too old to change! I’m too tired to work hard again! And my favorite, I earned the right not to have to change. Buckle up! Whether we like it or not trouble means change and change means work.

You built the life you have through work. Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet. How can you be ready for the new opportunities in your future if you aren’t prepared? Getting prepared requires work. I’m saying these words to myself as well as you. Life has changed, trouble is here and our best path forward requires hard work…which is opportunity in work clothes.

Time to pull out those paint stained, ripped or faded clothes, roll up the sleeves and dig in. No one ever died from hard work. The good news is the future holds great adventures and success, we just have to dig in and be willing to do the work.

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