The Magic People Decoder Ring

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: George Washington Carver

I read this quote and was reminded of all the emotions, attitudes and mindsets we all need to possess at the different stages of our life. If we are blessed we will eventually be aged, weak or strong even striving at some point in our lives. Knowing that now encourages us to be kind throughout our days and understanding as we interact with everyone.

Though we might make assumptions when we meet people, we really do not know what they are experiencing in their day to day world. They may be wise beyond their years yet still striving for the next goal. They may be aged and slowing down yet have great dreams of far off adventures. They may be weak due to illness or anguish, they may be strong coming off a well earned victory. Just by looking at people we can never truly understand all that they are experiencing. The only way to know is to ask good questions then listen to what they answer.

If this challenge exists with understanding other people, it must be true for understanding ourselves. Life moves quickly, the days turn into years before we even know we have blinked, and suddenly May turns to June and Summer is upon us. Knowing where we are in life and knowing how we are reacting to it helps explain many of the ways we are behaving. Others may not understand until we honestly share and answer their questions. We may not understand unless we are willing to face our own emotions and how they impact our daily life.

Life would be so much easier if we had the magic decoder ring for understanding people and understanding ourselves. If you have found that decoder ring please let the rest of us know, it would be very helpful. Until then our best course is to remind ourselves that different people at different stages react differently and deserve our understanding. For tomorrow it may be our turn to be both weak and strong, aged or striving.

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