A Creative Surprise

Painted Wood with Acrylic – Words: Unknown

My nephew and his wife bought a new “lathe” which allows them to carve things into wood, metal and acrylic. I sent them an envelope that was decorated with this saying. They scanned my work into their lathe and duplicated it in wood. They sent me this text to show me how it turned out. I was shocked to see my two dimensional work turned into a three dimension piece of art. Technology is incredible!

As I thought about their text I was flabbergasted by the things people think to do, create, and share. It is about the choices we make with what we learn, how we spend our time and where we choose to invest our energy and funds. We can keep it all to ourselves or we can share it with the world in hopes that one thing we did will encourage others to do something different. I was very flattered that they used my piece to create something the same but different.

As I have been creating a piece of my art for this blog my own limitations have begun to fade away. My husband has commented that my world broadened once I took a particular workshop a couple years ago, and I would have to agree. Being willing to jump head first outside of the box I was creating in has changed my thought process, my ideas, and encouraged me to live with the imperfect. Being around other people who were taking the same artistic chances reminded me why I create in the first place. IT was a creative surprise I wasn’t expecting.

Yes we are still in this social distancing time, yet maybe it is time to go somewhere and do something different with someone else. Take a drive, admire a garden, travel a new road, or even check out murals in your city. Make today the day you go out and do something to find your own creative surprise, just because you can AND maybe even more because you need it.

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