The Best Day’s Work You’ll Ever Do

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: 16 Grandchildren

Today my parents celebrate sixty years of marriage. When my Dad talked with his Aunt Katy about marrying my Mom, she said, “William, that is the best day’s work you will ever do marrying that girl.” I think Aunt Katy was right. There are lots of milestones in their marriage, one of which is sixteen grandchildren and two great grand children. I texted all the grandchildren and asked them what word would they use to describe their grandparents. These are the ones that were used most often.

My brothers and I were born in the sixties, our adopted japanese family and our Vietnamese family arrived in the seventies. College graduations happened in the eighties along with a couple weddings, then the path widened greatly. More weddings, the first grand kid arrived and from then on our family has grown to include people on multiple continents, who speak multiple languages and are on multiple sides of the globe. It is amazing what one decisions can do after sixty years of growth.

After many decades of your own life, what words would people use to describe you? Would you want to hear them all? We forget that our life is not about one day or one decision, life is about living with the decisions have have made even after the emotion you felt while making that decision is long gone. How we behave, what we say, how we treat people is a long term commitment a lot like a marriage. There will be the good, the bad and the ugly days which means living with your choices through it all.

So here’s to the best day’s work you’ll ever do, living out the life you wanted even after you got it. Congratulations Bill & Nancy Moore. We all look forward to more years ahead.

Bill & Nancy Moore – June 4, 1960

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