Success will be Nipping at Your Heels

White Gel Pen on Black Paper – Words: Dale Carnegie

The best jobs I have ever had involved a great sense of accomplishment and a lot of fun. It was fun creating things, building things and seeing the fruits of my labors. Fun is a great stress reliever and an amazing lift to both attitude and spirits. Most of the time I got bored once I was no longer having any fun. Fun means different things to different people and yet most can clearly identify when they are having fun and when they are bored.

For many people fun means being able to invent or create something from scratch. It involves problem solving, trial and error, failures with learning and being able to make decisions without being micromanaged. It is fun to see your idea build from design through to implementation and then to see people react and enjoy your work.

Fun may mean trying new things, using strange tools, experimenting with unique combinations and working all the elements together to reach the end goal. Fun means being silly, zany and even a bit reckless. Fun means laughter, joy, amazement and the occasional childlike giggle. Fun means brining your inner self with no fear of rejection or criticism from anyone. Being able to have fun in what you do can mean the difference between sticking around or leaving to find a new challenge.

So today your challenge is to go have some fun. Don’t worry about how it looks, What the outcome is, who is watching or if anyone will judge your actions. Let your inner child out and let them roam freely through your day. If you can find someone who will be silly and zany with you so that you both can have a blast! Before you know it success will be nipping at your heels.

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