Henry Ford was Absolutely Right!

Sumi ink & Markers on Blue Tone Paper – Words: Henry Ford

With time on our hands in a different way recently, we begin to think more. That thinking may not always be accurate as we hear the tapes in our heads and review our past mistakes, both of which can leave us feeling less than. This quote from Henry Ford reminded me that whatever it is we think, we are right. Our thinking has a profound impact on our ability to perform, it has the power to turn us one way or another.

Strange to understand that something so intangible has the ability to influence a day to be bad or good or bland; simply by thinking that way makes it so. And so much has the power to influence our thinking – the media, our thoughts, memories, words from other people, and our own interpretation of what is happening around us. We are what we think, and with that true we had better be aware of our thinking.

A friend recently shared with me her struggle in regards to all this alone time. Memories and experiences from her past have begun to haunt her days. She noted that all of this is in her head and unless she deals with it the pain will always control her. She is wise enough to find help and talk it all through, not everyone has that courage. She is experiencing and understands how what she thinks has influence over her day to day life.

So how can we fight the good fight, the mental battle for our thoughts? First, we need to be aware of what we are thinking. Going along blindly and never acknowledging our thoughts is like being a feather washed along by a stream. Up and down, side to side with no sense of control. To have control of our days we have to control our thoughts.

Which brings up point two, control your thinking. This means limiting the bad stuff that goes in our heads and focusing on the good. I no longer watch or read the news. If it is important enough someone around me will tell me about it. I might sound naive or silly yet I do not see any advantage in letting what the news media thinks is important take up my time or space in my brain. Am I sometimes uninformed, you bet. Am I sometimes out of touch, quite often. Am I happy and healthy and usually in good sprits, absolutely! I choose who gets to input ideas, comments, and news into my brain and am better for it.

And point three, put good stuff in your brain. Read, think good thoughts, process through the pain until you get to the lesson. Surround yourself with people who lift you up not those who tear you down. Focus on the positive not the negative, and allow yourself space to deal with your emotions so they cannot control your thinking. To be able to control our actions we need to control our thinking. Being the one who always points out the bad, the corrections, the things to control or to always be right is not productive. Our thoughts prove who we want to be, so control your thoughts. If bad ones come in shoo them away with something good. Fill your mind with positive affirmations, stories, and thoughts to shove out the negative idea lurking in the corners. If you are struggling, turn to someone who can help you get your thinking back on track.

If you THINK you can, you can. If you THINK you can’t, you can’t. Either way the end result is in your control you simply need to choose how you want to think. So choose wisely.

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