The Gift and Struggle of Creative Solitude

Ink on Art Alternative Watercolor Paper – Words: Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg said these words last century, how much do they apply to our lives right now? If we look at the experience of social distancing more like creative solitude, what might we be able to accomplish during our time at home?

Time is a gift, even if it is a gift we did not ask for. Family life has changed as most school and extracurricular activities have been cancelled or gone online. That means the whirlwind of getting everyone from one activity to another, squeezing in meals and somehow managing to maintain relationships has drastically changed. It is not the change we need to grumble about, we have no control over it. It is how we react and use this “extra” time that will last in our memories and change our future.

Sure there are disappointments – no high school graduations, no dances or team games, no funerals or big weddings, and no one seems to be spending time out shopping in stores. Things have indeed changed indeed. How do you plant o use this time to be creative? How can you do something more with the time you have been given, even if it is something you are not sure you want to do forever? And how will you adjust when this new normal becomes the only normal and life does not go back to what it was before?

Such are the questions rolling around in our heads. How did Carl Sandburg know that we would be struggling with creative solitude? And how do we use this gift of time we have this summer to make our lives better, more creative, and more enriched? Let me know what you are doing, maybe your ideas will spur great creative things for the people on my end of this blog.

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