A Joy Made Double

Copic Marker on Blue Tone Paper – Words: Unknown

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Here it is written in three different sizes with three different pens. This quotes reminded me that in this strange social distancing time it is important that we all find a way to have fun.

We all know that hard work eventually pays off in helping you reach your goal. Too much hard work can ruin everything that hard work built. I know a couple who have both worked for years to build their careers. They saved and were prudent with their money and now find themselves wanting to slow down and yet have nothing to do. They have never done anything outside of work and now are searching for what it is they want to do in their later years. They are stunned that all this time passed and they never did much other than work. It’s exciting that they have options, it is daunting to make such a huge shift at this stage in their lives.

The most well rounded people I know have a variety of interests. They take their work serious and give it more than the time it is due, at the same time they find a way to “play”. Be it athletics, sports, creativity, music, hiking, community service or some combination of all of those, happy people find something to do other than work. They understand the importance of more than just one thing to do.

I like to remind the people I coach that a hobby doesn’t have to be a money making venture. The point of a leisure time activity it to relax, enjoy, leave the work world behind AND allow a different side of yourself to get some exercise. Having something to do that releases another side of yourself helps keep all your sides in balance.

So what are you doing that is not work? What will you do today, tomorrow or this week to step outside of your profession and dig deep into the other side of your life? Find a friend or make a new friend who wants to do what you want to do, it is a fabulous way to spend time outside yourself. A joy that’s shared is a joy made double!

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  1. Read this and liked it for a callig proj: ‘Don’t chase the money. It runs really fast. Do the right thing and it will follow you.’


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