Maybe You Too Need a Reminder

Watercolor & Gel Pen on Art Alternative Paper

While working today in my studio I listened to the soundtrack from Annie. I had not heard it in years and forgot the memorable moments over the years I had spent singing along. This song stuck in my head, especially as for us tomorrow will only bring rain.

I love that these words bring hope. No matter what is going on in the world, the sun will come out tomorrow. I was not sure how this brand of watercolors would react to this paper, and it bled more than I anticipated. I thought about doing it over to try and be more exact and then it hit me that the water was in control not me. I willingly let go of my inner urges to perfect and let the theme of the words take hold. Whether the piece is perfect or not the sun will come out tomorrow.

In these strange times we all need to be reminded that some things do not change. The earth revolves around the sun and whether we want it to or not the sun will come out. We need little rays of hope to shine on our Hearst’s an souls to let us know that there will be something to look forward to. If we are blessed to get out of bed tomorrow, the sun will be there to provide it’s energy and light to our day.

Whether you hear a little girl singing these words or have no idea of the tune, the truth is it doesn’t matter. What they tell us is that there is hope, don’t let your circumstances get you down, and tomorrow is another day. If you are like me on this Monday you may need that reminder.

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