It’s the Emotional Cold People Want to Catch

Sumi & Markers on Rice Paper – Words: Bruce Barton

There are so many lessons and gifts a parent can provide and give to their child. I think these words from Bruce Barton are right on the money. Of all the things we can give the next generation enthusiasm is the greatest one of all. If one is enthusiastic everything in life is better, larger, more amazing and full of excitement.

What would life be like if everyday we woke and were enthusiastic the moment our feet hit the floor? And how would people feel to be around us when each time they encounter us our zest for life overflowed and soaked them as well? Even a boring day, and sad day, a rainy day or even a depressing day could be full of an appreciation for the emotions of that kind of day.

Having enthusiasm doesn’t mean everything goes your way. It means things are experienced and felt with a true sincerity which allows you to deal with whatever is happening. Enthusiasm somehow helps the bad times seem more bearable. It provides an outlet for the rest of life that is not bad to bring a counterbalance. Somehow being enthusiastic brings a perspective that other attributes do not provide. No one wants to be around the person who is coasting or doing as little as possible to get through the day. People want to be around people who are enthusiastic about life, it is contagious and that is just the kind of emotional cold people want to catch.

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