We Each Have a Story to Tell

Ink on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Maya Angelou

We each have a story to tell. Be it the story of our lives, the story of our day, or the story of what happened when we went to the grocery store. For our story to be told we have to be able to articulate it into words and someone needs to be interested enough to listen.

In my twenties I shared a house with a friend. She was acting differently one week, and on one particular morning she called into work as she felt very sick. Later that afternoon she sat me down in our kitchen and told me about the incident from when she was a sixteen that was making her feel so awful. Once I heard her story I totally understood her behavior and knew how to support her as she struggled with this portion of her story.

Everyone we know has a story. Everyone has something to reveal that provides insight into their behaviors and beliefs. Everyone is influenced by the people in their lives that are the characters, heroes, villains and supporting cast of their tale. The only thing we need to do is listen and believe them when they tell us their truths. We cannot fix it and we may not understand it, yet it is their story and they need to be the one to tell it.

A saying I quote often is that every story has three sides. Your side, my side, and what really happened. Every story, every story teller, every participant has their side of the events. It is not always for us to find the truth, it is for the story to unfold itself and provide insights into the storyteller. We all believe our own memories from our our side of things, and it is that side that impacts who we are each day of our lives. What story do you have that is waiting to be told? And what important person in your world needs to hear that tale? We each have a story to tell and today may be the day you need the courage to tell yours.

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  1. love it.
    some stories should remain secret. people like to embellish a story more than the original version if it suits their needs.


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