Time: Managing the Moments

Marker & Watercolor on Mixed Media Paper – Words: Maria Edgeworth

We’re not quite halfway through our fifty week calligraphy challenge. Time was the prompt for this week, week twenty. As I read the prompt early this morning I began thinking about things like: how much time will this take? Don’t waste time, just think of something. Take your time. Time’s up, you better get moving. As I tried to get inspired I felt time creeping in on me, so I pulled out my favorite quote book and found these words. I also thought about all the things we think and say about time and thought a contemporary clock might be a great way to incorporate it all together.

Time is the one thing that makes everyone on this planet equal. We each only get twenty-four hours each day. How we choose to spend it, save it, invest it or waste it is all about personal choices. As we get older we learn how to prevent people from using up this valuable resource…or do we. I think everyone struggles with time, how to use it, when to relax and not feel guilty, and what it means to give it away in service to someone else.

I spent several hours in my studio working on this one. I was actually waiting for someone to arrive and they were four hours late. Instead of getting mad I utilized the time working and adding layers. Maybe it was because I was writing the word ‘time’ so many times that I never felt cramped or stressed. One of the benefits of being a Calligrapher is that you get to focus on wonderful words for hours on end. Eventually they sink into your soul. Once I put the last tool down I realized that I had spent hours creating this and I was not disappointed in any way. I was proud of the way I had managed these moments.

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